Importance of hiring an interior designer to decorate your home:

Are you tired of making mistakes while changing the home designs? Or have you bought a new home and unable to decide the right interior decoration for it? Well, this is where hiring Interior Designers can simplify your work. They combine their higher-level skills with perfection and give your home an ideal makeover. They have knowledge about styles, trends, and functionality, and the home designed by them is easily identifiable.

Here are 5 Importance of Hiring an Interior Designer to decorate your home:

  1. To save money: Interior designers know what kind of interior decoration will fit in the space. They help you buy the right size, color, and design and dismiss the chances of costly mistakes. Also, if you have a tight budget, they can help you get the best deals without spending more.
  2. To save time: Interior decorators already know what kind of design will look the best in that specific size of the room and give it a makeover in the least time possible. You don’t even have to spend any time shopping as they will do everything for you.
  3. To get Professional Assessment: They offer you with an immediate plan of action to change the entire home interior. They are well-trained and understand how to create a balance of art while maintaining accessibility.
  4. To add WOW factor: The Interior designers are capable of bringing the WOW factor in your home. They can combine the best décor, color palette, furniture, and lighting and make the home look praiseworthy.
  5. To get whatever you are expecting: They can design your home as per your interest and willingness. You simply have to explain the image of interior design to them, and they will design the home beyond your expectations.

There are many advantages to hiring Interior Designers. So are you also looking for professionals to give your home a makeover? Contact Discern Living!

5 Bar Essentials to give your Home Bar a Complete Bar Feel

A home bar creates a stunning focal point if designed keeping in mind functionality and aesthetics

Having a Mini-bar at home has become a necessity of all the ‘grown-up home’. Even if you drink or not, having a home bar helps to make a charming impact on guests. However, it is hard to complete it without some important home bar essentials. So are 5 bar essentials that will give your home bar an inspirational and beautiful makeover.

  1. Bar Cart: Bar Cart is a type of furniture that helps in displaying all the drinking-related tools, glasses, and bottles on it. The best part is that the guest feels quite comfortable while walking up to it and making their drink. Just keep it organized and you will make it welcoming. You can shop for furniture online.
  2. Must-Have Bar Tools: It is hard to make drinks without some gadgets like soda siphon, mixer, tong, ice holder, etc. These are important to show off your skills while making cocktails and make a good impression.
  3. Essential Glassware: It is impossible to hold and serve tasty drinks without perfect glasses. As each type of drink requires a specific type of glass, you should make sure that you have them all. Also, keep them attractive to make drinking time even more interesting.
  4. Alcohol: When we are talking about Home Bar, it is hard to call it complete without Alcohol. So get some bottles and display on the table or cart to make it attractive. You should also add some non-alcoholic drinks for non-drinkers to make it even more appealing and welcoming.
  5. Chair: Sometimes your guest or you want to sit near the home bar and enjoy your drinks. And it becomes harder to roam inside your home and still get the same feel. Therefore, it is important to keep a designer or decorative chair near it.

So grab all these bar essentials and complete your home bar. Don’t forget to add the right lighting to make things even better.

5 Modular Kitchen Design Ideas

The biggest appeal of the modular kitchen it its innate functionality. Every component has a job and together, they create a sleek and streamlined look that completely enhances your home. Another benefit of modular kitchen design is that they can be customized to fit any space, so here are five of our favourite design tips!

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The Colour White

When it comes to modular kitchen decorating ideas, the first thing you will notice in most of these kitchens is how stark and grand they look. This is because of the generous use of the colour white. Use this for your cabinets, appliances, walls and shelves to make your kitchen seem much larger and more cohesive. It is also a great canvas to use for adding in your own pops of colour such as brass lighting, decorative handles and artwork.


You may think mirrors are reserved for bathrooms and bedrooms however incorporating these into your kitchen is a great trick for modular kitchens. They reflect light and give you the sense of having a window where you actually only have a wall. Also consider mirroring your backsplash for a playful design element!

Stainless Steel

Another big draw of modular kitchens is their use of stainless steel in a way that makes you feel like you’ve walked into the kitchen of a professional chef. This is done by installing stainless steel appliances and even steel cabinets and countertops. This bright, shiny look is a great modular kitchen design idea and is also very easy to maintain and keep clean.

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Glass Doors

We love using glass doors to store precious crockery and glasses, but most kitchen don’t use these. Convert your boring cabinets to those with glass windows to make it easier for you to find things and also to make your kitchen seem more professional. The sheen of glass is minimal and decorative at the same time, making this a win-win!

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Electric Cooktop

More and more homes and choosing modular kitchen designs and one of the key components most of them use is to have a minimal electric cooktop. This kind of a stove means you don’t need to worry about heavy gas cylinders and can manage your stove with only electricity. These cooktops also look very chic, uplifting the feel of your entire kitchen.

Image result for eclectic rooftop in a modular kitchen

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Overall, a modular kitchen should be sleek and minimal and we think that these design tips should help you achieve the look you’re trying to achieve!

Tips to Brighten Up a Dark Bathroom

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A bathroom is a place we all visit first in the morning so, don’t you think it should be bright and energetic enough to make you stay active and cool for the day. You may not have paid enough attention to the interior of your bathroom but it’s high time to do so. Here we have some amazing interior design ideas to revamp your bathroom that we are eager to share with you.

  1. Brighten it up- Well it’s quite obvious that to brighten up a dark room you have to work your lightings. You can go for ceiling lights, overhead recessed lighting etc. which will brighten up your bathroom for sure.
  2. Keep it neutral- When it comes to painting a dark room always choose neutral shades to keep it cool, choose a light neutral shade like light grey or blue this will also give it depth and texture.
  3. Mirror, Mirror on the wall! – For the mirror of your bathroom keep it big as it will brighten up your bathroom. Bring the biggest possible fitted mirror with a metallic frame that provides a luxury and classy look.
  4. Show it off- For brightening up your bathroom install open shelves to keep your stuff as big closed cupboards will give a dark and crowded look to your bathroom. Plus you can also put the radio, music system on those shelves and do your music concert in there!
  5. Go to professionals- If you find it difficult to arrange and manage all these things by yourself, you can always trust home interior design services for this and leave it to them to revamp your bathroom.

A bathroom should always be breezy and bright as we spend a huge part of our lives there thinking, crying, dancing, singing, giving self-motivation talks and whatnot. So, we hope we were able to help you out happy decorating.


5 Clever and Pragmatic Space Saving Interior Design Ideas


When it comes to organizing and storing our stuff no matter how much space we have in your home, it always seems less, isn’t it? Take a break from this mind-boggling space finding hunt and take a step in the other direction by trying space-saving interior designing ideas. You can also surf the Internet to shop for the latest modular furniture. Here are some of the latest and trendy tips we have for you.

  1. Modular furniture- Most efficient and trendy hack to save space nowadays is to install modular furniture in your home. Multipurpose furniture, sofa/ bed are some most demanded ones nowadays as they not only save space but also provide a comforting environment.
  2. Wall-mounted shelves- Wall-mounted shelves can ultimately solve the space-saving issue; you can go for wall mounted bookshelves or showcases or cupboards and give a spacious and organized look to your home.
  3. Less is more- Don’t overcrowd your home by bringing in everything you like in market or malls, less stuff not only gives an illusion of more space but also makes it look more bright and sophisticated instead of messy and overcrowded.
  4. Pull out kitchen- In your kitchen you can install modular furniture, pull out cabinets with built-in appliances, in this way can save a lot of space. (P.S. It will make you want to cook more and will save a lot of money you will spend on ordering food)
  5. Build an in the wall space saving cupboard- Dig into your walls and build an in the wall cupboard, it will save a lot of space and will give an organized look. (P.S. Pay attention while digging as no one wants to dig into their neighbour’s apartment.)

Every last person is complaining about space requirement in today’s world, so why not stop complaining and start exploring space-saving interior designing ideas. You can even hire Home interior design services and make your work easier. We hope our ideas and tips will be useful to you.

7 Elements of Interior Design

Person Using Macbook Air on Table

Those who are into interior design field must know that it works on 7 elements. These elements help in designing the best home while following some genuine guidelines. If you also want to design your home by yourself, make sure to keep these 7 elements in mind:

  1. Space: Space is the size of the home, which is a combination of walls, floors and ceilings. It is calculated through length, height, and width. By knowing the space, you can define the right way of designing your home by focusing on space.
  2. Lines: Lines are used to creating everything in the home interior design. There are three types of lines- Horizontal (tabletops, shelves, and more), Vertical (pillars, doorways, and more), and Dynamic (arches, cantilevered ceiling and more). All the lines help in adding drama to tour home. Even geometric elements are made by combining these lines.
  3. Forms: Forms are different shapes that add drama to your home. You can maintain form through your home décor, modular storage furniture, and normal furniture. Here, Curves and rectangular elements are the most preferred ones.
  4. Light: Home is nothing without light and it allows our eyes to see anything. So you must pay attention to it. You can either create the way for natural light or focus on artificial light like ambient, task, and accent. All ways will work amazingly for your home.
  5. Textures: Texture is of two types- Physical and Visual. Physical Texture includes anything that you can touch and feel, while the visual texture is something that gives the textured illusion but is smooth to touch. Both of them helps in increasing detail in the room. You can use various elements like metal, marble, mirror, sheets, and more to create it.
  6. Patterns: Patterns are made by combining lines, forms, and textures and adding life to a boring place. You can use fabrics, furniture, flooring, ceiling, doors, and walls to play with patterns. Don’t overdo it as it will ruin overall silhouette.
  7. Colours: Colour helps in setting the mood and creating an amazing ambience. Also, it helps in bringing textures, patterns, lines and forms together. You can choose it from the colour chart as per your mood and home style.

These 7 elements will make the whole interior designing project comfortable and inviting. Simply buy modern furniture online or home décor online and give your home a perfect makeover.

Best Design Ideas For Your Living Room Are Here

classic-rustic-living-area classic-rustic living-room

The first thing that your guests will notice after entering your home is the living room. And you might know “The First Impression is the Last Impression.” Therefore, you should pay attention to making your livening room look amazing. It should have the refreshing vibes that suit your family requirements. An approachable Living room is everything and it will go to win everyone’s heart. So here are some best design ideas that will add life to your living room.

  • Maintain Classiness and Crispiness: You can have the elegant, timeless and pristine living room by adding some glass and metallic elements to it. Keep the entire theme white and you are good to go.


  • Colourful Light Fixtures: Upgrade your boring and normal lights with something colourful. It will make the whole living room attractive. Get some modular storage furniture and add strong colourful elements to it.


  • Upholster the walls: Never take your living room walls lightly as a minor touch can add life to it. Play with different tones to add fun and keep the other elements soft and intimate. Add curtains and cushions to maintain symmetry.


  • Add unexpected elements: Don’t let your living room look too boring and add some unexpected elements to it. And the best way to do so is by adding prints to your furniture. So, find the best furniture stores online and place an order for your favourite piece.


  • Redefine the neutrals: Having neutrals at home is amazing as you can do a lot with it. Keep entire things neutral and make it look crazy and attractive by adding colourful though balanced décor to it. A smart decision can make a big difference.


So whenever you are designing your living room, keep its size and entire home design in mind and make it look fresh.

Tips for Baby-Proofing Your Home

Get Up to Speed with Child Proofing Electrical Outlets | Kids in ...Image source

Hello to all the new parents out there. You all must be looking for some amazing tips for baby-proofing your home. Right? Don’t worry as we are here to help. Consider these points and make your early parenthood stage easier!

  1. Inexpensive Fridge Hacks: Do something clever with your fridge so that your baby can’t open it. Attach a hook to it and make it more secure. And when your baby grew up, simply remove those hooks.
  2. Keep them distracted: Get the colourful and plastic stuff for them so that they can feel more engaged with them. Keep them in the bottom cabinet as babies love to handle their stuff by themselves.
  3. Soft Carpet: Babies can hurt by the floor, therefore, you should add the soft carpet on the floor. It will help your baby to stay away from any injury. Also, it will add amazingness to home design ideas.
  4. Within Reach: Prepare the baby’s toys and stuffed animal space with the help of baskets. It will work as a great storage option and keep their room organized. Kids will love to select the toys they wanna play with.
  5. Soften the sharp edges: Whenever you are getting the furniture after getting make sure to have a look on their edges. It should be softened and curved so that your baby don’t get hurt because of it. Buy furniture online in this design and make your home baby-proof.
  6. Keep it light: Whenever you are decorating your baby’s crib, make sure to surround it with light stuff. You will never want anything too bulky that is hard to handle by your kid or may hurt you. Try some amazing DIYs in this case.

Be more concerned with the switchboards and doorknobs. Some small changes in home design ideas will make a huge difference.

Here’s How you can Nail your Home Decor DIY During Lockdown

person holding blue and white tread

Now is the time to get round of doing a bit of DIY that you’ve been putting from a long time. Whether it be painting your bedroom walls or decorating your room by placing the perfect corner sofa or adding the finishing touches to the walls of your room, you can do anything you want. For those seeking for useful ways to spend their time during Lockdown or the one who simply interested in forging a deeper connection with their homes, here are 4 interesting home décor ideas for you.

Candle Craft: Candles add warmth and glow to the house. These are the perfect way of illuminating any dull space. If you want to add this warm glow in your home, then you can do with regular candleholders. Dig out some empty glass jars, tea candles and sea salt. Give jars a gentle wash and make the base with the sea salt. Put a tea candle inside it and adorn its beauty.

Coaster Craft: Coasters are always useful, and so don’t mind adding some customisable range. So, get some coasters to your amazing home collection by taking some craft glue, plain cardstock fabric and cork tiles to get started and combine them together.

Lamp Craft: Do you like ball lamps? You can easily make one at home using Craft paper or cotton twine, just use a material that is not too thick. Then, take out some craft glue, spray paint and flour. All these things can help you design a new lamp for your home.

Basket Craft: Baskets is a perfect storage solution at your home as it allows you to store keys, clips and small things. And the best part is that you can design your basket using stout rope, hot glue gun, and spray paint. Connect strings together with the help of glue gun and design a basket.

These were some easy and fun ways of making your home beautiful. And if you are not willing to design someone on your own then buy interior design online.

Industrial Home Decor Tips

black pendant lamps with beige glass bulbs

Industrial homes are counted as most organic and engineered styles in this world. These are aesthetically balanced and this is what makes it perfect. And those steel and wooden elements make it look even better. You also dreamt of having such bold and refined home decors at your home. Right? Here are Industrial home décor tips for you that will upgrade your entire interior home design.

Follow Rustic Colour theme: Rustic colour palette is the main feature of industrial home décor and you should also follow the same. Get your rug, furniture, lighting, and other accents in these colours and enjoy an industrial makeover.

Rugs should blend with the environment: The rug is the major type of Industrial home décor and you should also add it to your home. Get them in faded or dark colour to go with the theme. Solid textures, or woven rugs with will such with such interior design ideas.

Add contrast and show creativity: Don’t become too rigid with Industrial vibes and add some contrasting vibes though leather and woven textiles. Get them with some pattern while following the colour theme.

Don’t forget the modern though Vintage lighting: Lighting makes your home complete so you can’t forget this home décor. Get them in metallic vibes and geometric patterns to go with the theme.

Get genuine and soft Home décor: Industrial furniture are mostly bold, so to create balance, you have to get the soft and genuine home décor. Just make sure to not go out of the box as anything extra will ruin the overall theme.

Industrial home décor is quite aesthetical and helps your home get a mid-century modern and boho vibes. You should always get them in rustic and clean designs to blend with the theme. However, you have the freedom to play with textiles, so don’t miss it out. We hope you were inspired by our tips.